About me

I'm a highschooler living my life for God. He gave me a talent, and I'm simply trying my best to use it for his glory. All praise and honor I might ever receive, I'll turn around and give to him. -More often than not, I'm the girl behind the camera. I don't take a picture, i create a scene from what i find myself surrounded by. A quote i learned in my English class once was "No Tears for the Writer, No tears for the Reader." the same can be said for Photography, if you just take a picture, no one is going to feel anything, if you don't feel the emotion you're trying to present, then no one else will feel it. Everywhere i look i see shots, in places no one would imagine, but i see them, because i sense the emotions of the moment, and the emotions are what depict your feelings toward a photo. A child laughing is like listening to a cool summer breeze...the joy you feel in that split second is indescribable, don't you wish you could capture that in the stillness of a single shot? to look at a photograph on the wall and hear the wind whistling through the trees....to feel it, not see it. This is what i strive for. This is me.